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Advance Diploma in Aviation, Hospitality, Tour and Travel Management

The Advance Diploma in Aviation Hospitality and Travel Management is a full-time course that provides students with the management knowledge of airports and aviation along with the knowledge of hospitality. It helps students learn about flight management in all its forms.

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• The course helps the students learn about Airport Management, Airport Security, Airport Planning, Passenger Forecasting, and Safety and Security.

• This aviation course is designed in such a way that it includes all those subjects that will equip candidates with all the knowledge and professionalism that are required by the aviation industry and make them ready for fieldwork.

• Upon completion, students can get into cabin crew or as ground staff by prominent airlines and can get recruited with considerable packages.

• The IT and problem-solving skills of the students are enhanced throughout the curriculum of the course.

• The students will be introduced to various job profiles such as cabin crew members, airline customer service, the hospitality industry, tourism and more. The Diploma in Cabin Crew Services and Hospitality Management course helps students learn, maintain, and certify flight instrument worthiness. This course focuses on developing talented aviators who are qualified in emerging technology and expertise in business management. Students in this course study structured technologies according to aviation industry requirements.

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• Challenge your understanding of aviation and tourism.

• Gain the employability skills you need to start or progress your career.

• Develop research skills and progress to further studies or consultancy.

• Plan, manage and promote aviation and tourism products, businesses and destinations in a safe, competitive and sustainable manner.

The tourism and aviation sectors combined form one of the most exciting and fastest-growing industries globally. This course is designed to provide you with the theoretical background, skills and experiences necessary to become a successful leader within the tourism and aviation industries. 

• This field of study brings with it a wide range of career opportunities for students. There are a large number of top-class companies that recruit students from this course. 

• This course provides you with an opportunity to be selected as either cabin crew or ground staff by renowned airline agencies.

• Apart from this, students can also secure jobs in top hotel groups in India and even outside India.

• Candidates acquire the required sense of professionalism and understand the basics of airports, airlines and hotel management.

• It helps the students learn about airport management, airport security, airport planning, passenger forecasting, and safety and security.

Skills Covered

Airport Management

Passenger Forecasting
Airport Security

Airport Planning
Our Testimonials

Student’s Testimonial

"If you are serious about your Aviation goal commitments and need a correct path, guidance to follow IIA is your destination. My doubts regarding hospitality management,air-hostess, and every small aspects regarding to aviation industry were resolved it is indeed one of the best cabin crew training institute in thane. I recommend everyone to join IIA."

Aakanksha Kharat

"IIA is definitely the best aviation. You can choose for your cabin crew career, as well as they will also give you the wings to fly by giving best personality development classes, good and appropriate aviation Knowledge and tremendous change by making you fully groomed. They pay a lot of attention on communication skills."

Raju Rajesh Singh

"IIA is one of the best cabin crew training institute in thane. The staff is very co-ordinating and supportive. They prioritze the need and growth of every aspiring individual and helps to learn accordingly. I’ll be recommending it to everyone who aspire to be in cabin crew or air hostess learning. They should enroll with IIA today."

Faiz Shaikh