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Cabin Crew Courses in Thane

Cabin crew courses have been in high demand, and with rapid growth in the aviation industry, more students are seeking to become cabin crew staff in the future. And it is a dream for most of the youngsters to build their aviation career. Cabin Crew Courses in Thane from the International Institute of Aviation is no better than helping you to bag a dream job in the aviation field. We deliver the utmost satisfaction to all the students, and we pride ourselves in saying so because we help the aspirants overcome all the challenges that they face while completing their course in Thane. 

International Institute of Aviation in Thane will give you a chance to satisfy your innate desire to overcome all the challenges and help you reach the goal of becoming a successful cabin crew member for an airline organization. Besides the affordable pricing of the course packages, IIA helps you discover your inner talent. It is a place where you can fulfill your childhood dream of becoming an air hostess and reach higher ranks with better degrees. Therefore, for a cabin crew training in Thane, IIA in Thane is the best institute. 

Our courses are perfectly designed and comprise theoretical and practical lessons that can help you with your selection in any reputed airline in the world. Be it within the domestic sector or the public sector, the cabin crew courses from the International Institute of Aviation are the best for bagging a high-paying job. Our course curriculum comprises every single aspect that is required for an aspirant to become a successful cabin crew member. So, get into our institution for cabin crew courses in Thane and achieve your goal of becoming a successful air hostess in your dream airline organization.

Topics Covered in Our Cabin Crew Course in Thane?

You can establish a prosperous career in aviation industry by availing diploma in airport management in Thane from the International Institute of Aviation, abbreviated as IIA, a cabin crew academy in Thane. Our cabin crew courses not just covers the basic lessons. There are many more to learn once you enrol yourself for the cabin crew course in our institution. A brief of what you will get from our courses is defined below.

Maintaining the security of the other crew members and, most importantly, the passengers is one of the foremost work of the cabin crew staff. We employ a short-duration classroom course for the students coming to our facility. Whether your flight has a bomb, or it is a hijack situation, or any other similar case, you will get to know how to handle the situation. Our cabin crew course involves a practical approach to security concerns. 

We will cover all the standards and practices that a cabin crew member must know to handle passenger disturbances in flight. This course is trained by the best industry experts and professionals who have had a prosperous career in aviation. While you learn all of them, we will also take you through simulation courses where you can put them into application and learn all the exercises for the safety of the passengers.

An unruly or misbehaving customer can pose a threat to other passengers on the flight. Therefore, every cabin crew member must have proper knowledge of how to tackle them in extreme cases. We, through our diploma in airline cabin crew courses in Thane, educate the students how to handle such situations, which should not lead to any flight delay. Our practical training methods from professional experts in the industry will help you learn how to handle the unruly behavior of the passengers and solve them at the early stages before it goes out of hand.

The CRM course in Cabin Crew course is a fixed duration course for the students at the International Institute of Aviation. Here, the students are taught how to handle the complex threats and error environments that might happen in the workplace. Also, students can learn about the best practices that are to be implemented to enhance flight safety. We follow the CRM training, which is followed in the leading airline organizations of the world that can enhance teamwork within the crews so that our students don’t face any problems when they are in real-life workspace.

We ensure that the students who are availing of aviation diploma in cabin crew courses in Thane from the International Institute of Aviation know everything about the regulations related to dangerous goods which are sent overflights. There is a proper training schedule made for dangerous goods regulations where the industry experts from the aviation field train the students with the best standards.

Course Curriculum for Cabin Crew Training in Thane

We have a comprehensive course curriculum where we cover almost all the aspects that are required for the cabin crew staff. Therefore, get a brief overview of the curriculum that we employ in the course for cabin crew training in Thane before you join us.

  • Basic Introduction to the Profession.
  • Introduction to aviation and aircraft.
  • Living lifestyle for cabin crew members.
  • Coordination and communication with the crew members.
  • Safety and emergency procedures.
  • Customer service management.
  • Security of aviation.
  • Managing interactions between the passengers.
  • Medical training for handling emergencies.
  • Airline catering and food services.
  • Introduction to hazardous and dangerous goods.
  • Manners and body language.
  • Group discussion.
  • One foreign language.

Why is IIA the best cabin crew training institute in Thane?

We are indeed the best training institute for providing cabin crew courses in Thane and we maintain our standards by providing high quality education to the students.

Best Facility

We not only adhere to the teaching classes but also provide the best facility where the students can find an airline-like surroundings and enjoy the environment. This helps in better learning while the students can have real-time experience of the lessons they are being taught.

Professional Instructors

We have professional instructors at our academy for the courses. Therefore, when you are getting cabin crew courses from the International Institute of Aviation in Thane, you are actually gaining knowledge from experienced professionals who have year-long experience in aviation. Thus, we never fall short of providing the education standards for the air hostess or the cabin crew courses at our academy.

Practical and Theoretical Lessons

Once you join our cabin crew academy, you are not just enrolling yourself for the theoretical courses but also for the practical lessons that will give you a better understanding of how the real-life cabin crew members work. The practical experiences will give you more insight and help you learn better.

Affordable Packages

We have designed affordable packages for the cabin crew courses in Thane. You can always find us among the best aviation institutions in Thane that provides top-class facility with outstanding course curriculum but at better pricing. Our aim is to educate more number of students and help them get into aviation and fulfil their dreams. With high responsibility and the specialization of the cabin crew job, the International Institute of Aviation takes pride in providing the best knowledge and skills to the students so that they can take on all the responsibilities once they become air hostesses. We help our students cherish their moments and fulfill their childhood desire. Moreover, we also follow the industry regulations and the changes in the protocols that take place from time to time. Whether you want to become a cabin crew for an international or a domestic flight, we have curated cabin crew courses for you! Join us soon and embark on your journey of becoming a successful cabin crew of a reputed airline.


Bsc Degree in aviation or AirHostess training from International Institute of Aviation is the best for becoming a respectable cabin crew member.

The cost of training for a cabin crew might vary. But, you can avail the cabin crew courses from IIA in Thane at affordable pricing.

The cabin crew course duration might range from three months to two years. We have different course curriculum of different spans. You can join in any of them you like.

No, the job of a cabin crew can be permanent as well as contractual. It depends from one airline to another.