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We are always standing on our feet to guide you to your dream goals. Being the best academy for air hostess course in Mumbai, we are always thrilled to welcome onboard the students who wish to fulfil their goal of becoming successful air hostesses.

IIA follows all the protocols for the training to provide the best facility to the individuals who are coming to the institute for their training. Therefore, we implement the right skills and knowledge at our institution for the development of every student coming to us.

Our air hostess course in Mumbai has been designed by top-notch professionals in the aviation industry who are aviation experts and also have year-long experience in serving their respective airlines. Besides, we also focus on the industry requirements and design our course in a manner to inculcate the right knowledge to the students. Our course is not just a course, it contains theoretical and practical studies, case studies, role play, model demonstration and all other things that a student needs to become a successful member of the cabin crew of an airline. Chase your dreams of flying in the sky with IIA and enrol on our air hostess/cabin crew course soon.

International Institute of Aviation offers air hostess training in Mumbai, which is combined with the highest academic standards, adhering to the demands of the present industry knowledge and skills. Our facility is also located at a core position that offers an effective and vibrant learning environment for the students. Be it Air Hostess Training, Cabin Crew Course, Airport Ground Staff, Travel or Tourism or any other career in the aviation industry, you can find all of them at IIA. Our centre is designed in a manner to provide a real work environment to the students and ensure that the students are perfectly trained with practical experiences.

An overview of the Cabin Crew Course in Mumbai

The entire course duration of the cabin crew course in Mumbai from International Institute Of Aviation has an association with the top class airlines of the world. It helps you complete the cabin crew course ideally within the duration. Being the leader in providing the best in class air hostess and cabin crew training in Mumbai, our motto is to deliver quality education and inculcate professional skills in them that can help the students shape their future. We are very resilient and optimistic and are dedicated to helping all the students chase their mission. IIA’s air hostess course in Mumbai is always evaluated as the best training course in Mumbai that can help aspirants bag an excellent job in the professional and top-class airlines of the world.

Being the best aviation institute in Mumbai, we offer both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Our courses are all assisted by the best teachers who have experience in the aviation industry and are dedicated to providing proper education to the students. IIA Mumbai is also designed to offer international-level and accredited programs to students to help them shape their future. We remain updated with all the information of the aviation industry, and being the best cabin crew institute in Mumbai, we always look forward to the courses by adhering to the external elements from the world of Aviation.

Why should you choose IIA for Aviation training?

Student career at IIA is one of the greatest attractions in a students life. You can enjoy the best time during your career at the International Institute of Aviation. Here you can not only learn all the aspects of air hostess or cabin crew training but can also build a prominent social life. Besides, there are several advantages of enrolling yourself into IIA air hostess institute in Mumbai.

Training Partner

We have associations with different aviation training institutes around the world and exchange the best knowledge and skills with each other, which helps in quicker learning. IIA has multiple training partners who are there to assist the students with the best learning.

Top class training standards

We inculcate effective training methods for quality education and student success. Also, our institute incorporates a comprehensive curriculum to help students learn the entire air hostess course in Mumbai quickly and easily. So, at our institution, you can always find the best quality teaching standards for aviation.

Professional Instructors

We take pride in the team of experienced and professional instructors who are well educated to provide quality education and guidance to the students. So, you can find the assistance of the best aviation instructors who can help all the aspirants learn everything about air hostess.

Chase your dreams into reality

We takes pride in turning the dreams of the students into reality. We understand the requirements of all the students and help them get the best learning for cabin crew training and assist them in turning into reality. We always take the right protocols to help our students turn their goals into reality.

Affordable Packages

At our aviation institute in Mumbai, you can find affordable cabin crew course fees in Mumbai. We have different packages for our curriculum, designed according to the course structures. So, you can find affordable course fees in Mumbai for air hostess or cabin crew training and become a professional air hostess by learning from our academy.

Best facility

Apart from the instructors or the courses, you can also find the best state of the art facility at our academy while you are enrolling for an air hostess course in Mumbai. We have aircraft-like structures where the students are given practical experiences to help them learn everything regarding in flight operations.

Courses available at our institution

Not just air hostess, you can also find cabin crew courses at our training academy IIA in Mumbai. So, for any of the course you wish to enroll in and have a bright future, you can always visit us.

Cabin Crew Course in Mumbai

You would always want to go for a job where you can fly across the world, travel to different destinations and also grab a lucrative salary package. Well, to fulfil all your demands. IIA Mumbai is here with their cabin crew course in Mumbai. Moreover, the cabin crew course fees in Mumbai at IIA are very much affordable, making it easier for the students to learn the course.

In your path of a rewarding and dream career, IIA Mumbai will always stand by your side like a pillar. Not just education, we are here till the end to support you until you get a job in any airline. With a long history of educating students successfully and with an efficient placement record, we adhere to the industry requirements.

Our cabin crew course comprises theoretical and practical learnings that help the students learn better. Therefore, giving more practical exposure to the students will help them learn better and boost their confidence level to face the customers during the in-flight operations.

Airport Ground Handling Course in Mumbai

Besides cabin crew or air hostess course in Mumbai, ground handling is also an essential aspect of the success of an aircraft. With top-class learning and education from IIA in Mumbai, every individual can have a brief theoretical and practical knowledge of Airport Ground Handling. With our effective curriculum designed for specific needs that cater to a broad spectrum, every aspirant will be adequately trained to be able to handle all challenging situations.

Our course is designed to offer a comprehensive study of the ground handling operations and other related procedures, practices and regulations. You can also obtain an overview of the latest developments in ground handling. From passenger services to security and aircraft handling to cargo and baggage movement, our course is designed to cover all the aspects of airport ground handling.

IIA Mumbai is not just a name, it’s a brand where students come to fulfil their dreams of flying in the sky. At our academy, you can find affordable air hostess course fees in Mumbai to help you get the air hostess training without any hassle. Also, we adhere to all the industry requirements and provide the best education to our students. IIA Mumbai is always there to help students achieve their goals.

FAQs on Air Hostess Course in Mumbai

The minimum requirement for an air hostess course in Mumbai is 10+2.

International Institute of Aviation in Mumbai is the best Air Hostess training centre in Mumbai where you can find the best state of art facility and an excellent faculty who can help you become a successful cabin crew. Our wide range of courses will help you achieve your professional goal.