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Best Air Hostess Training in Thane

With the industry expanding rapidly, many skilled workforce will be in demand. Although there have been very few employment opportunities in the recent past, the air hostess industry is always a booming career for aspirants. The air hostess job is a demanding one, and therefore, you need to be very mature with all the aspects of cabin crew and air hostess training. International Institute of Aviation is one of the best air hostess training institute in Thane that excels in educating the students with the right prospects of Aviation. At our institution, you will learn all the values of customer service and its improvement and also be a good cabin crew member for any airline.

Being a cabin crew does not have a limited opportunity. You can find a placement in various segments of aviation after having gained full knowledge of air hostess or cabin crew training. There are the public segment airlines like Air India. However, most air hostesses prefer working in private airlines operating on domestic and international routes. Once you get adequate training from our air hostess institute in Thane, you are sure to get a placement in one of the aviation sectors. IIA ensures the complete placement of all the students who are coming here to get cabin crew training. 

Besides theoretical training for the course, we also provide practical and on-field training to our students so that they can learn all the values and aspects of air hostesses and serve the customers well in the aviation industry. Our institute in Thane is recognised as the best cabin crew course institute, where you can find a top-class and knowledgeable faculty who are always ready to help students chase their dreams. Our faculties focus on rigorous training throughout the course duration to help students learn everything about Air Hostess and its prospects.

Course Overview at IIA Air Hostess training institute in Thane

Here is a brief of what you will get once you enrol for the cabin crew/air hostess course at our institute in Thane.

  • Basic Introduction to Aviation.
  • Study of flight operations.
  • Managing the crew resources.
  • Handling of the emergency situations in flight.
  • Theories on fire and smoke training.
  • First Aid and Medical Aspects.
  • Weight balance.
  • Customer service and management.
  • Conversation skills.
  • Grooming and deportment.
  • In air announcements.
  • Corporate rules.
  • Emergencies on Board.
  • Learning about the evacuation system.
  • Hijacks and dangerous goods.
  • Interior and exterior functions of the aircraft.
  • Interview skills.

Why should you choose diploma in aviation hospitality from IIA?

There are several reasons to enjoying the benefits of aviation education like air hostess, cabin crew, ground operations or anything from IIA. We have the best in class facility and state of art technologies that can help you gain enough skill and knowledge about aviation hospitality.

Assistance from Professional Instructors

International Institute of Aviation Thane has the best professional instructors who are always at the top to help the students. They have a long experience in this career and inculcate appropriate knowledge and skills into the students. Whenever the students face any doubt about their learning, they can always reach out to the professors to seek assistance and get their doubts cleared.

Complete placement Assistance

Once you join our academy for air hostess or cabin crew training, you are sure to get a placement after completing your course curriculum. We have associations with the best training institutions and the top-notch organisations in the aviation industry where you can get placed into. Therefore, besides getting air hostess training in Thane, if you are seeking for placements, you should join our academy soon.

Communicative English Training

Communicating with the customers on board in English is a major aspect or a skill that the air hostesses must possess to serve them well. And so, we at the IIA training institute in Thane ensure that all our students who have joined the place for their cabin crew training learn English properly. Not just learning English, our faculty also ensure that they have the best communication skills so that they can handle the tough challenges on board without any hassle.

Personality Development

Having a casual body language and personality won’t be a solution if you are looking to become a successful air hostess. So, out of all the aspects that we cover in our course curriculum for a diploma in hospitality, personality development is one of the crucial aspects that we take pride in inculcating in the students at our academy. Therefore, with the air hostess course curriculum of IIA Thane, you can have the best personality that can take you forward in your cabin crew career.

Top Notch Facility

Besides teaching all the theories of air hostess course, we also cover practical and on-field courses where you can learn the ways to take charge of the situations that occur midway in a flight. We have all the equipped facilities at our training institution in Thane where practical lessons are also given to the students who enrol for their course.

Best Faculty

We have the best teachers and assistants at our academy in Thane who have year-long industry experience and are also professional enough to teach the students everything included in the course curriculum. Therefore, for a great faculty, you can always consider International Institute of Aviation for the cabin crew training course in Thane.

Affordable Budget

Besides providing education to the students at our academy, we also maintain the budget of the course. We at IIA in Thane ensure that the cabin crew or the air hostess course budget is maintained so that more students can come and learn and chase their dreams and goals.

Highly Ranked

We are the highest-rated aviation institution in Thane and also have collaborations and associations with all other aviation institutions around the world. Also, our students can exchange knowledge regarding their course with other students around the world which helps in better learning.

Activities that you learn at our training institution in Thane

At our academy, you can learn everything about the pre-flight briefings, where the cabin crew members are assigned their roles and positions in flight. The crew are also informed regarding the flight details and any special requirements for the passengers. There are also pre-flight duties that the air hostesses must do, like carrying out the safety checks and security checks, ensuring that the aeroplane is clean and tidy, the seats are organised, seat pockets are clear, the meals are updated, and others. All these are taught at our aviation academy in Thane, where the experienced instructors teach all the pre-flight checks to the students.

IIA air hostess training institute in Thane dreams along with the students and walks in their paths to help each of them achieve their goals. From on-field learnings to theories, you can learn everything at our Academy. We are the best institution in Thane, where you can not only gain skills and knowledge about the cabin crew course but also learn everything that you need to be a successful cabin crew member. Also, after completing your course from our camp, you can get a good placement in the private or the public sectors and gain a decent job.


There are different course durations available for cabin crew training at IIA in Thane. The students can choose any of the course with different durations according to their requirements.

The cost of air hostess training in Thane depends on the course duration you choose. At IIA in Thane, you can find affordable pricing for air hostess training.